To mark its fifth anniversary in November 2012, CBe published three pamphlets:
poetry by Dai Vaughan, prose by David Wheatley, drawings by Nick Wadley.

The pamphlets are available exclusively from this website. Each costs £4.
UK orders only; free delivery. All 198 x 129 mm.
Dai Vaughan parallel texts
David Wheatley dark and true and tender
Nick Wadley bateau livres
01 Dai Vaughan parallel texts (20pp): Dai Vaughan (1933–2012), film
editor and writer, published essays, poetry and novels, the most recent
being Sister of the artist (CBe, 2012). The pamphlet comprises a sequence
of 14 love poems written in the 1960s and a second, parallel sequence
written almost half a century later.

‘Vaughan is something of a master of the use of line, brilliantly playing his long and languorous sentences against line breaks and enjambments … It’s [the] physicality to the language that really makes Vaughan’s work sing: there’s a sense of a life lived here, of a world observed and rendered in palpable terms in a usable and versatile language.’ – Simon Turner, Under the Radar

For a review by Fiona Moore, see here.

02 David Wheatley dark and true and tender (20pp): David Wheatley is
a poet, critic and the editor of a recent selection of Beckett’s poetry. The
pamphlet’s title is from Tennyson; over a pint of mild in the Inkerman
Tavern the topics pondered include the pubs of Hull, the concept of the
holy drinker, and ‘the secret face of the North of England’.

here: ‘It has a light touch, and a delicacy, and a particular attention to detail that is an unmixed delight’ – Helena Nelson

03 Nick Wadley bateau livres (16pp): Nick Wadley is an artist and,
with Jasia Reichardt, keeper of the the archive of Stefan and Franciszka
Themerson, founders of the Gaberbocchus Press. His book of drawings
Man Doctor was published by Dalkey Archive in June 2012. The
pamphlet comprises 13 drawings on bookish and related matters.
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parallel texts
dark and true and tender
bateau livres