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Sonofabook 2 (Spring 2016), edited by Sophie Lewis, includes work by Salim Barakat, Luke Carman, Julián Herbert, Adriana Lisboa, Emmanuelle Pagano, Taras Prokhasko, Pierre Reverdy, Pierre Senges and Gabrielle Wittkop.

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Sonofabook 2: Spring 2016
ISBN 978-1-909585-16-4
Pbk, 220 x 148 mm; 144 pages; £8.99 rrp
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Sonofabook 1 (Spring 2015; 978-1-909585-07-2; 160 pp) includes new or previously untranslated work by Will Eaves, Nancy Gaffield, Agota Kristof, Elizabeth Mikesch & May-LanTan, J. O. Morgan, D. Nurkse, Dan O’Brien, Francis Ponge and others.