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2021 titles:

Roy Watkins, Simple Annals
Dan O’Brien, A Story that Happens
Nuzhat Bukhari, Brilliant Corners
Leila Berg, Flickerbook
Charles Boyle, The Other Jack
Tony Lurcock, Finish Off with Finland
Carmel Doohan, Seesaw
Caroline Clark, Sovetica

Now available for pre-order:
Paul Bailey,
Joie de vivre

CB editions publishes short fiction, poetry, translations
and other work which, as the Guardian noted, ‘might
otherwise fall through the cracks between the big publishers’.
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2021 February: Roy Watkins, Simple Annals
April: Dan O'Brien, A Story that Happens
May: Nuzhat Bukhari, Brilliant Corners
June: Leila Berg, Flickerbook 
July: Charles Boyle, The Other Jack
July: Tony Lurcock, Finish Off with Finland: A Miscellany
September: Carmel Doohan, Seesaw
October: Caroline Clark, Sovetica

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‘exceedingly classy’
      – Patricia Duncker
‘the idiosyncratic genius of CB editions’
      – Nicholas Lezard, Guardian
‘the wonderfully eclectic, quietly iconoclastic CBe’
      – Mike Loveday, Eyewear

‘the admirably wayward CB editions’
      – Jeremy Noel-Tod, The Lyre
‘CB editions, one of the most original and enterprising of the small presses’
      – Nicholas Murray, Guardian
‘CB editions gets everything right ... serious books for serious readers’
      – David Collard, Salvete